Do I Qualify?

Rental Requirements

Qualifications Guidelines:

1) Must make 3 times the monthly rent.  Every applicant must provide verifiable written proof of income.  Acceptable proof of income includes:

Paystubs for the last 60 days

Bank statements for 2 months showing direct deposit from employer

Court ordered child support or alimony

Offer letter/contract on letterhead and signed by employer if starting a new job

Social Security or Disability income benefit letter

Tax returns and last three months of personal bank statements or last six months of personal bank statements for self-employed

2) Applicant must have a good rental history.

3) Applicant must have a good employment history.

4) If a co-signer is required the quarantor must have a monthly income of 5X the rent.  A co-signer is required if insufficent gross monthly income, students, little or no-rental history or lack of stable income for 6 months.


Pet Policy:  Most properties do not allow pets.  If allowed a $250 per pet additional non-refundable pet fee is required at move-in, plus pictures and proof of renters insurance with the pet included.  Rent will be increased by $25 a month per pet.

Marijuana:  The growth of marijuana is strictly prohibited in or on the premises.  Both Colorado and Federal Law give us the right to prohibit the use, possession and growing of marijuana in any of our rental properties.

Smoking:  Smoking of any kind is PROHIBITED anywhere in premises including the garage if the property has one.